How many years have you been in business?

The team members at TAI Club Management Systems have been developing our software since 1980 under various ownerships. TAI Consulting, Inc was founded in 1997.  We have been in continuous development of the software since its inception into the marketplace in 1977.

Where are your corporate headquarters?

30400 Telegraph Road, Suite 479, Bingham Farms, Michigan 48025

Do you sell software to any other industries?

No.  TAI Club Management develops software solely for the private club, golf, membership organizations, resort industry and in certain other industries where member billing is required.

Do you supply all of the software I need?

TAI will supply and support all software components purchased from TAI.

Does TAI use third-party products?

Yes we do and despite what you may have heard, no vendor can install a system without the use of third-party products.

How do you implement training?

A mix of internet based training and on site training is most effective.  On site training allows us to get to know your staff and observe the operation first hand.  Training time and location are determined by our Clients.

Do you offer 24 hour, 7 day support?


Will I get a live person when I call for support or will I have to leave a message?

It is our goal at all hours to answer your call personally.  In the event that the phones are busy with other support or sales calls, we will return your call as quickly as possible regardless of the time of day.

How do I request a personal demonstration of your products?

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of our products.  For product information only, please see our product slide shows under Products and Services.

Where can I see your product in a live working environment?

Please contact us to arrange a site visit.  We have customers in most areas of the United States that would be happy to open their club for a visit.

What are the operating system requirements for your software?

We have extensive experience in all of the Microsoft Windows operating systems available today.  The TAI Club Management System is cloud ready and available on workstations or tablets.  

What are the hardware requirements for your software?

Our hardware requirements are very simple.  All hardware components must be supported by the manufacturer and be at minimum specifications for use in today's environment.  Server and operating system software must also be supported by their respective manufacturers.  TAI supports the Private Card Industry (PCI) and requires our Clients to adhere to PCI requirements for hardware and networking.

Do I have to buy hardware from you, or can I source it on my own?

We are a reseller of a few specialized hardware components, we do not sell or provide servers or IT support.  You are welcome to source your hardware from a local provider as long as the hardware falls within our specification.  TAI welcomes the opportunity to work with your local hardware service provider.

How do I purchase TAI Club Management Systems software?

Please Call, write or email us.