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"Customers come and go, Clients are people you work with..."

Historically, vendors that served the club industry were club veterans.  Professionals all, we respected the needs of the industry, competed with integrity.  We had pride in our product and we were dedicated to doing business for the best interests of our clients.  The club industry has seen dramatic changes over the course of the last decade, technology has expanded, business is more focused and management needs have increased.  Club vendors have also changed as impersonal corporations have emerged with far different goals and philosophies.  TAI is proud to continue to answer the call of the club industry by adapting our services and products to the needs of the industry without sacrificing core values.

TAI differentiates ourselves from our competitors in many ways.  The most defining is that TAI values your goals as our own. Our success is measured by the achievements of our clients, our policies are defined by the needs of Clients.  

The TAI Club Management System is the longest continuously installed solution in the club industry and TAI shall maintain that designation.  Our future is secure for the simple reason that we are free to work for the best interests of our clients.  Now more than ever we see our role as consultants and educators, we take the time to explain the differences between technical theory and business reality, we educate on best practices.  As club professionals we help you wade through the confusion and sales oriented jargon of our competitors to find the reality that is your club.  

TAI's reputation is one of unparalleled support and integrity.  The TAI Club Management system is revered as innovative, fully functional and easy to use.  

The choice is yours, the honor will be ours.  TAI - Your Partner in Technology