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Banquets and Events

Event management is critical; not just to the bottom line of the club but to the overall satisfaction of the Membership.  The strength of the TAI Events module is the ability for the user to define virtually all of the key information in the system.  Instead of adapting to someone else's view, the TAI Event Management system adapts to you.

Features and Benefits

  • Calendar User Interface for ease of use and secure booking
  • User defined Events and Event Setup and Controls
  • Full Scheduling & Conflict management
  • User Defined menus with price and cost
  • Function/Event Sheet Creation (BEO)
  • Invoicing via Events Management or Point of Sale
  • User defined letters for follow up
  • Daily Function Listing
  • Function Revenue and Cost Report
  • Function Billing and Reporting
  • Billing Register & Update
  • IRS Requirements Reporting
  • Menu Item Listing
  • Demand Statements
  • Function Code Set-up and Maintenance
  • Room Maintenance and Set-up
  • Fully Integrated to Membership and General Ledger