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Hardware requirements have become very straight forward as technology becomes more plug and play.  The TAI Club Management System does not require any specialized equipment, software or operating system in order to function, however the TAI Club Management System is designed to take advantage of today's technology. 

Except for certain peripheral equipment such as fine dining point of sale terminals, receipt and kitchen printers and pro shop bar code readers, TAI does not supply hardware, networks, security needs or other IT related products or services.  TAI will work with your IT staff or third-party company to familiarize them with TAI's simple needs, however all support of hardware, network, tablets, etc. are not provided by TAI. 


The Private Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards have become the base of all suppliers of solutions that process credit cards.  If your club processes credit cards your adherence to these standards is mandatory.  For further information regarding PCI Security Standards we suggest you contact your professional hardware/network representative.  

In general terms, PCI requires all hardware to be currently supported by the manufacturer and enabled to receive all security updates and patches. 


  • Windows Server for installation that have more than 10 connections
  • Windows 8 or 10 Professional
  • Network Switches, NIC's, etc.configured for 1000MBit speed
  • Home run cabling, absolutely no spliced or joined connections
  • Secondary switches are fine but limit their use if possible
  • HP Printers for system printers
restaurant manager
  • Epson TM-88 thermal printers or equivalent for member facing receipt printers
  • Epson TM-220 impact printers for the kitchen
  • All printers configured as network printers
  • Installations with more than 6 stations configured using RDP (Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol)
tablets and remote connections

TAI recommends all tablets used for fine dining or other functions be configured to a server running Windows 2012 or a later version.  All tablets are to be configured using RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol).

TAI utilizes industry standard tools for remote connectivity and support.


TAI requires a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for all communication to the your web site.


Cloud technology has been in existence for many years and is nothing new to TAI as our first cloud installation was in the mid 1980's.  TAI can recommend an IT firm who specializes in cloud installations.

existing equipment

TAI does use industry standard hardware for all of our needs and we are often asked if we can use existing "industry standard hardware".  While the majority of the time there are no issues, TAI occasionally will find "industry standard" equipment that has been installed in a non-industry standard manner.  We have also encountered local IT representatives that use techniques that require TAI to spend additional time assisting with the installation and configurations.  TAI cannot predict the unknown and cannot determine as a certainty how existing equipment is installed or configured.  TAI will use existing equipment if requested however we cannot guarantee that existing equipment is satisfactory until it is fully tested.