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Web Site/Apps/Services

Your web presence is a window into your club.  Of all products and services offered in today's technology world, web sites and web integration are fast becoming the most important decision to make for club technology.  TAI is here to tell you that not all providers are the same, all have their features and benefits, but one solution does stand out.  TAI has partnered with FlexScape, arguably the best solution in the club industry.  We partnered because TAI understands that your web site is too important to chance with a jack-of-all-trades solution, you need a professional solution designed for your club.   TAI does understand that there are other providers of club web sites that do a great job as well.  Consistent with TAI's believe that it is our job to work for your needs, TAI will provide you with all of your options and support your choice.  For clubs utilizing a third-party web site our integration is the same, further demonstrating TAI's commitment to work for your best interests. 

Flexscape features and benefits
  • HTML5 code set for Responsive Technology
  • Template Manager
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Users trained to be as self sufficient as desired for adding new content
  • Online page editing and visual style sheet editing
  • Custom Forms
  • Image Gallery
  • Document Library
  • Color Scheme manager
  • Line Manager
  • Tree Based Site Management
  • Group and role based security
  • Unlimited User Groups
  • Plug in modules
  • Site statistics
  • XML Integration
TAI Web Integration features and benefits
  • Fully integrated to your data
  • No uploading of critical information
  • Instantaneous member access to information
  • Written in HTML5 for full responsive technology
  • Single code set for web site and smart phone insuring a consistent member experience
  • Branded APP from the Google App Store
  • Member Balance and Minimum Balance
  • Member Roster
  • Member Statements, current and historical with full ticket detail
  • Member Payments
  • Tee Time Reservations
  • Dining reservations
  • On Course Food & Beverage ordering
  • Customizable to your needs

member experiencemembers

To see the member portal, click on this link and use Member: 66 and Pin: PIN1.

cloud Services

The cloud is nothing new, our first cloud install was in the 1980's.  The cloud is a marketing term for housing your applications and data in a server that is not on your property.  Like all technology, the cloud has its advantages and disadvantages; fortunately TAI is at home on a server no matter its location.  If you desire a cloud installation and your IT provider is not able to assist, TAI will recommend a professional to host your system.