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TAI provides all sales support from our offices in Michigan.  TAI's goal is not to be the biggest in the industry but rather be the best at what we do and toward that goal, TAI does not have a direct sales team.  Sales professional sell, plain and simple.  TAI's philosophy is to provide a solution and that requires TAI to learn your club's operations, understand your goals both now and for the future.  We act as a consultant educating ourselves and our clients, the more we both learn the better our chances are to provide the solution you need. 

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Membership Management and Membership Accounts Receivable
General Ledger and Financial Statements
Accounts Payable
Pro Shop Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Management
Tee Times Reservations and Facility Management
Lodging and Rooms Reservations
Banquet and Events Management
Food & Beverage Point of Sale Solutions
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